CSR is defined as: an organisation's commitment to carry out environmental and socially sustainable practises, acting in a responsible and beneficial way to the environment and the social landscapes around the business.

This is a topic very close to our hearts, and at the core of Chuku's Kitchen, our business operates through the following:

Partnerships of Chuku's Kitchen x SUNDAC


Chuku's Kitchen currently works with SUNDAC on a long-term partnership, where proceeds from each of your purchases are catered towards building long term work opportunities for those who are differently-abled.


Sustainable Packaging - Chuku's Kitchen x Biopak

As an aspiring green company, Chuku's Kitchen packs are from BioPak, a trusted Australian certified brand with state of the art production facility advocating for compostable packaging solutions. 

Despite the outweighing investment to have biodegradable packaging vs single use plastic as the medium that carry our food, the guiltless feeling of being able to freely throw away the packs after each feed, trumps it all.

At Chuku's Kitchen, we not only care about the environment, but we care about how you feel!