Confused by the options available in pet shops? Decided to reach out to Dr Google, asking “What is the best food for (breed)?” or “What should I feed my dog?” Ever wonder if widely available commercial dog food actually mean the best?  

As pawrents (and researches) ourselves, we realized and stumbled upon Evidence Based Nutrition (scientifically proven) dog food, which we believe every pawrents should be aware of. 

Dog’s daily meal influences a major part of their 13-15 years lifespan. It would be wise for us to know what the food contains or how it’s being prepared. Convenience and Efficiency is the motivation behind the 1st commercial dry dog food. Unfortunately, priority wasn’t given to the quality of ingredients and its nutritional impact. Whilst modern commercial dry dog food may be successful with meeting nutritional standards such as AAFCO, its preparation method (extrusion) and choices of ingredients still fall short in being transparent with consumers.

It turns out that ultimately what’s best for our dogs is not that different from what’s best for us - real, fresh food. Just as we wouldn’t dare to eat or feed our family members with military rations (or biscuits sprinkled with vitamins and minerals) every day of our lives, our dogs deserve REAL food. How can we bear to feed our dogs food that is unreal when their love to us is unconditional?

Regaining meal-time motivation and play-time motivation were some of the visible benefits after switching our dogs to fresh food. Whilst blood works prove that feeding fresh increases immune function.

“We are what we eat” strongly applies to all of us, and it is a powerful reminder that for our dogs.

Health starts from the