How it works?

Is the minimum subscription 2 weeks?

We understand that there is a concern that 2 weeks is too much of food, and the food would be wasted if my dog does not like it. This is why we have a flexible refund policy and cancellation policy. We truly believe that most dogs would not turn away from freshly cooked food, as it is delicious! You can even try it yourself, as ALL our ingredients are human grade

What if my dog doesn’t like it?

For our trial subscribers, we have a 7-day return policy on our trial orders. Upon receipt of our food, if your dog has difficulty transitioning to our food, Chuku's Kitchen will provide a 50% refund in the condition whereby:

1. Food is kept frozen at all times
2. Remaining food to return to Chuku's Kitchen in the same condition upon receipt for donation to animal shelters

See our T&C for more details.

Why did Chuku's Kitchen choose this packaging?

As a green company, Chuku’s Kitchen packs are from BioPak, a trusted Australian certified brand with state of the art production facility advocating for compostable packaging solutions.

Where can I find the manufacture date?

You can find our manufacturing date and batch numbers on the pack lids, under the flaps. Alternatively, we may stick a label to indicate the date.

How do I edit or cancel my subscription?

Chuku's Kitchen provides you the flexibility to switch your subscription on and off anytime! If there's still an issue, in making changes to your existing subscription, send us an email with your request to and one of our team members will promptly connect with you to assist with any queries.

Our Food

What should I do if I have leftover Chuku’s Kitchen food?

As long as the food hasn’t been out for more than 10 minutes, you may store the food in the fridge for next use. Ultimately it is up to your comfort level whether to feed leftovers.

Can I start Chuku’s Kitchen as a topper?

As of now Chuku's Kitchen's diet is customised to individual dog's daily calorie needs. We would encourage 1 pack per day unless your dog is in the transition period which you may refer to our transition guide to understand better.

Should I be concerned about overfeeding/underfeeding?

Chuku’s Kitchen packs are all portioned according to your dog’s daily calorie requirements based on your profile. We follow the portioning guidelines and standards advised by professionals to ensure that you would not be overfeeding or underfeeding - as long as you feed 1 pack per day, you don’t need to worry.

Why do we blast freeze our food?

The danger zone for bacteria growth is between 5C - 60C (fastest at ~37C). We minimize the exposure of our food within this temperature range by blast chilling/freezing right after gently cooking. Blast freezing also minimizes freeze burns, which helps to retain the integrity and nutrients of all ingredients, keeping your food as fresh as just cooked.