Dear Pooch

In this life with us, we want to make sure you’ve picked the right family to live with (or more like we have picked you!). The journey we have had and will continue to have does not last forever, hence we wish to give you the best in every aspect of your life.

You have been so loyal and unconditional with your love, you deserve to have a healthy long life filled with us reciprocating your true love. With you, every moment should count for greater, as we know you age much faster than us, yet in your life there’s only toy, food and us. You’re not a pet but you’re our closest family. Being by our side through our ups and downs without even a single whine! What more can we ask? (maybe just some tricks for treats!)

In order to give you a heck of a quality life, we believe your daily meals impact most on a long run. So we tried hunting for food that is fresh and nutritionally balanced. it’s sad but we weren’t pleased with what’s available out there (ok, there are tonnes out there that says ‘balanced’ but … how trustworthy are they? Also, have you read the labels? I'd be luck to understand half of what is in my pooches meal)

We decided to do our research through Dr Google, added varieties of meat, vege, fruits to your diet in hopes to make your food more fresh and delicious! You definitely enjoyed it! Then we wondered if it will actually benefit you on a long run? should we add supplements? if so, what and how much?

We’re no experts hence we decided to do what has not been done in Singapore: we teamed up with vet nutritionists (they studied general veterinarian + 1 year clinical experience + 2 years of residency study + 2 days written board exam… etc, you get how rare they are!) to develop personalized formulas through a bomb-ass algorithm and that’s when we finally realize that’s what you truly deserve, in return we get our peace of mind.

Why so, you wondered?

It’s because we made sure:


To source only fresh, high quality ingredients, so there is no ambiguity in what we’re feeding you


To blast freeze , and gently cook your food to kill harmful bacteria yet retain nutritional value


To keep it super easy for humans (yes, we are lazy at times) by measuring and providing the exact proportions of your required daily food intake


To think of your future generation by making all our packaging biodegradable in a convenient packaging


To build a community, sharing information and learnings with the our fellow pawrents. Ultimately, we aim to only feed the ‘gold standard’ because we believe that our loved ones deserves a healthy, well-lived life!